How do I choose the right track for my child?
What should my child expect when they attend?
  • Each 90-minute period includes:
    • 45 minutes of individualized, self-paced curriculum based on age, skill level and track selected; kids work in a fully equipped computer lab with support from staff.
    • 45 minutes of small group design-thinking activities; kids of different ages and abilities work collaboratively on staff-led projects in a relaxed, creative space called “the zone.”
  • Parents are provided progress reports as kids move through the curriculum.
  • Kids earn colored wristbands and receive public recognition for reaching program milestones.
How does the registration process work?
  • Pick the 6-week session you want your child to attend.
  • Kids attend either 1 or 2 days per week for 90 minutes per day:
    • 1 day/week = $360 for 6-week session
    • 2 days/week = $540 for 6-week session
  • Select the day/time your child will attend each week.
  • Kids stick with the same day/time each week to promote continuity.
  • If you miss your regular day/time, given 24 hours prior notice of an absence, we will be happy to reschedule to another session at your convenience.
What staff supports are in place?
A full-time Center Director is onsite to coordinate all activities, supervise staff, respond to parent questions, and ensure that kids are working at a level and pace that’s right for them.
All team members are experienced in computer science and/or design, and share our passion for educating kids! They receive professional development and coaching to ensure program quality.
The center maintains a 1:3 staff-to-student ratio at all times; staff are trained to provide support, encouragement and assistance as needed. Kids are ALWAYS supervised at the center.
An Educational Consultant provides quarterly observations and program evaluations.
Yukōdit aims to provide a positive learning environment at all times! Kids should leave every session feeling good about their accomplishments. If kids aren’t having fun we want to know.
What is Tech2Teach?
  • It is our Fall 2017 project cycle, which is powered by MIT’s Scratch platform (a block-based coding language designed specific for kids and those learning to program). Our students will work together in a development team environment building educational technologies using principles of game design and learning theory. Their mission: to create a novel application that teaches someone a new skill.

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